Night of the Living Dead Last night I was at a local dive with a friend who had an acquaintance stop by. She was in her early twenty's and highly unattractive. When she sat down with us at table, upon seeing my small leather bound journal I use to scratch all my ideas down, she asked if I was Gay.<br /> <br /> "What in gods name could possibly lead you to ask that?", I asked.<br /> This was her honest answer, "Because you have a journal." Which then lead me to thinking about how horrible it is to be ignorant. Ignorance shows so easily because by definition the person is always unaware of being ignorant at all.<br /> <br /> Then, after an awkwardly one sided exchange, the conversation turned to sexual partners. This is always an uncomfortable discussion for us all but always entertaining as well. There are all sorts of different ways people approach their answer. Some dance around it like a grenade on a bed of hot coals, some burst out with their ridiculously inflated number of conquests in a mesmerizing display much like a peacock in heat, and still others let everyone else chime in hoping they will be lost in the background and won't be prodded to speak, yet can listen to the others and build themselves up as a result.<br /> <br /> This discussion soon dissolved into the female Googling from her phone different definitions of words, the first one being "whore". The argument against me was that this term is highly subjective and can not be used against her. The term "subjective" only fit into the conversation once I helped them understand what it meant. (No I am not in Kansas anymore) After long arguments about the differences between subjective and objective we were finally able to continue but only because of the always omniscient and omnipresent Google.<br /> <br /> My argument soon turned to relationships, commitments, and how there are negative types of both, just as there are negative implications and consequences of many sexual partners. Now after my experience with University I have become quite liberal. Which once I was home and away from my newly found foes got me to thinking. I am all for liberty and freedom and I don't like to judge. But judging people, when based on fact, seems to be a lost art. Stating facts about peoples lifestyles, which can be done in good taste and correctly, seems to be common in all the wrong circumstances and a rarity in the right ones.<br />

Bryan Scott Thomas

When we run out of questions question ourselves.

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